× Habitat – A Short Film on Dance and Architecture

Habitat (Noun) can be defined as the natural environment of an organism, the type of place in which it is natural for it to live and grow.

For this year’s Alvar Aalto festival, director and photographer David Jakob got together with choreographer Jack Traylen to envision what Alvar Aalto’s “Gesamtkunstwerk” in Kouvola Inkeroinen looks like translated into movement. Aalto designed for every aspect of life – The film embraces the cyclic nature of life along the Kymi river.

Director: David Jakob
Movement Director: Jack Traylen
Dancer: Katerina Torp
Dancer: Oskari Nyyssölä
Editor: Karri Komsi
Composer: Emil Sana
Cellist: Joasia Cieślak
Sound Mix: Anssi Vättö
Colorist: Mika Onnela via Post Control
Titles and Poster: Judith Jakob

Producer: Ilona Malinen
Grip: Juha Tuominen

All clothing by Arela.

Special thanks to:
Tehtaanmäen Koulu
Nuorisokeskus Anjala
Hanna Myllyntausta & Stora Enso
Post Control Helsinki

Alvar Aalto Foundation
Koski Syväri